Dr Anu Caulfield

Marcela is a clinical psychologist with over 13 years of experience providing therapy to people from all walks of life and with varied types of emotional problems.

She is a registered clinical psychologist in Australia and Brazil. She completed an Honours degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Marcela is friendly and caring with a down to earth approach to therapy. Marcela is the mother of a very artistic 8 year old girl and she enjoys learning from the challenges of motherhood. Marcela has a dynamic and yet reflective personality. She has embraced yoga and meditation many years ago as a way to put into practice the principles of mindfulness and of leading an emotionally balanced life.

Marcela has a special interest in working with children, families, developmental & parenting concerns, pregnancy-related problems including birth trauma, relationship issues, and cross-cultural related concerns. Marcela also has years of experience helping adults recover from depression, anxiety and trauma, whether recent or trauma experienced in childhood. She helps individuals, children and families reach emotional stability, clarity of thought, a sense of safety, healthy coping mechanisms, trust, and confidence by assisting them to come to terms with difficult experiences and to develop their own resources, strengths, and solutions.

Marcela is highly experienced in developing comprehensive care management plans for children. She knows how to translate complex professional advice into practical games and routines to help parents be the best parents they can be. She works very closely and together with parents during their children first infancy (from 0-3 years old) and formative years in order to achieve the best developmental outcomes. Marcela is extremely caring and skilled at understanding the anxieties and insecurities parents face when they have a child with ongoing challenges. She has a very gentle and yet realistic approach that helps new families establish positive patterns and thrive right from the start.

Marcela is available for consults at Pymble Family Doctors on Fridays and Saturdays.

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